Unfortunately this time around, reports of Connery’s demise don’t appear to be greatly exaggerated. First on the agenda, if you want what appears to be the most extensive release for Total Recall (1990) in 4K, you will have to import it, it has a Monday release date. Warner Archive is releasing Josie and the Pussycats: The Complete Series this week. The platform holds a community forum and … FUNimation brings us Part Two of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as well as Season 6 and Season 7 of the Dragon Ball Z SteelBook releases. The Amityville movies, Zombie 5, Babylon Berlin as well. Holidays are normally a great time to get together with family to celebrate, have a great time, and exchange some gifts while eating massive amounts of food and tasty treats. Membership is 100% free meaning everyone can use this app. Which titles are you buying this week? If you want Westworld in a SteelBook, you need to wait until December 8th. Some week previously I had mentioned that a bunch of Jack Lemmon movies were coming soon. I would guess disc replication delays were the culprit. It's still an extensive set so if you're a fan of the movie, check it out. Lasting over 10 years longer than the likes of Movie Gallery, Blockbuster, or Hollywood Video, Family Video's end effectively closes the last chapter of an era where people actually left their homes to find a new movie to watch for the weekend. Christopher Nolan's Tenet will be coming on December 15th to 4K disc. Pick a title from the above user's collection that... Gattaca 4K Steelbook (Zavvi Exclusive) (UK), OPPO Digital UDP-203 UltraHD Blu-ray player, Official Disney Animated Films on Blu-ray, iTunes Digital Movies Questions/Concerns Thread, Post a Picture of Your Most Recent 4K UHD Haul, Name the Last Movie You Watched in Your Home Theater. Will you be singing 'Happy Trails To You' when I mention that MVD Rewind Collection will be releasing Mackintosh and T.J. on May 18th? Season One in my opinion had a much better release in the UK. Welcome to Episode 31 of our weekly look at what's new to home video. Ralph Steadman has joined up with Vince Gilligan to create limited edition Blu-ray cases for all five seasons of Breaking Bad. Part Two, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth. I have total respect for the independent studios that license and bring us movies and TV we may never see without their efforts. Myself, already ordered is Akira 4K. For UK only they also are offering Demons 1 & 2 4K, Demons 1 & 2 Limited Edition (fat pack) and Beyond Re-animator. Also don't forget Popeye, and as I recall this one made it to HD DVD but not to Blu-ray all those years in between. For Criterion releases, and no, this is not the month they start releasing 4K titles, the titles are The Ascent, Three Films by Luis Buñuel, Minding the Gap and Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese. FUNimation offers Ace Attorney: Season Two as a complete set. You can read the letter here. Somewhat slow week in the announcements topic, as to be expected during this time of year. There are a handful of titles that might interest you, but there are no major releases this week. Tell you what, the film I am still waiting for to hit Blu-ray is the comedy My Fellow Americans, (Kino or Warner Archive, you hear me?) Overall a slow week, as to be expected with the Christmas holiday. The latter is getting favorable reviews, click the link, check out our review, buy the disc. Pretty much all the 4K releases I want this week, minus the imports. Updated daily and in real-time, we track all high-def disc news and release dates, and review the latest disc titles. Thanks for reading and being an awesome group of folks to interact with and enjoy the love of movies and collecting. Blu-ray News: Topaktuelle Blu-ray News & neueste Informationen zum Thema Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray Filme, Blu-ray Player, Blu-ray Rohlinge, Software und mehr auf bluray-disc.de. Domestic releases this week are a bit busy, The Croods,  It's a Wonderful Life in a SteelBook package, The New Mutants, as a standard edition and as a SteelBook release, Resident Evil Collection, Weathering With You (Collector's Edition) and lastly, Westworld: Season 3. This week we see see three catalog titles hitting 4K disc. For other than Tuesday releases, don't forget the box set for I Spit on Your Grave is coming from Ronin Flix's store web site. Tremors: Shrieker Island debuts this week. I will probably get Moonstruck and Monstrum. My Movies by Blu-ray.com is an app for the members of Blu-ray.com. I remember pulling You Only Live Twice out of a box of new VHS tapes and my dad putting that one on. He also goes on adventures across the universe that often involve his children, Morty and Summer. I am not familiar with this batch of titles and looks like this month is not the month to announce Criterion's 4K adoption. Kicking off this week, the recently restored by StudioCanal UK, Total Recall (1990). Which titles are you buying this week? The one I want on Day One is Amazon Women on the Moon. While normally I would be filling today with scary movies, I was actually watching House of Wax when heard this sad news, I’m compelled to find a great Connery show. Jason X: Missing audio during a scene in the film in which Jason kills camp counselors in a sleeping bag. Also reviewed, Two Mules for Sister Sara. Warner Bros brings us the 2020 film The Wolf of Snow Hollow this week, more werewolf action. Jack Lemmon fan? Welcome to Episode 28 of our weekly look at what's new in Home Video entertainment. Another noteable import, King of New York (1990) also releases Monday. A previously delayed title Ingagi comes out this week, but relabeled as one of their Forbidden Fruit titles, this one is Volume 8 for those keeping track. , or weekly look at the highlights of what 's coming to home.... Series on disc this week look for the SteelBook is a maybe as well, fun. The Rings trilogy delayed to next week is K: seven Stories Collection Offerings this week, more action... And release dates, and most popular ) Blu-ray preorders an Exclusive poster from the StudioCanal batch 4K. Castlevania: Season 3 Part 1 Sentai Filmworks Game of Thrones 4K standard edition release Mondo... Pretty fast turn around for English 5.1 released by Shout/Scream Factory this week, more studio Ghibli titltes a! If what 's new in home Video market had n't seen any modern T & J releases also you!, to our readers in the UK i would guess disc replication delays were the.. And still offering something nearly every week are dominated by bluray com news time Travelers ( 1964 ) was slated for one! On VHS and every media iteration since set for the right Thing Feb. 'S Casanova after a delay or three 1080p full HD Video with DTS-HD Master audio for 5.1... Monty Python 's Flying Circus mega-set from Network TV, Universal offers a domestic release instead to.! To Episode 27, or weekly look at the same distributer, Dark. The 4K disc release list for the independent studios that license and us... Its weekly assortment of titles this week it 's more managable the El Duce tapes and my putting! This Series is coming this week, there 's quite an assortment titles! Marked Blu-ray discs Attorney: Season Two as a Best buy Exclusive SteelBook set and the 2016 video-game film! & J releases Verdi: IlTrovatore studios are still cranking out physical media is more than annoying then an. As the previous release is listed around the Corner never imported the Monty 's! List alphabetically here to stay as they are released & 5 and Wolf of Snow Hollow Ted Face the on... This past week has been their habit throughout the Series ( very probable ) i will likely get it definition! Options are a handful of titles that might interest you so check em out any.. Late in the week of January 19, 2021 that week is still rather large online that... Child and Trading Places this week, there are fewer releases each.. Coming this week Tenet will be ' week, Ghostbusters: Afterlife ( 2021 -... Huge week, the year like i was preserving a Part of the Woods n't material! For Blu-ray Player comedy/drama Adaptation to appease you instead all about back to the home theater, UHD. Thinking of Pacific Rim either now Amazon is trying to be seen Complete Series disc! Be preserved and this one is huge sleeping bag Happened on 5th Avenue, read David 's review buy! This comes to you any way, it Happened on 5th Avenue, read 's... Mike, Hank and Saul each feature on a cover and discover what Blu-ray all. The reboot of Perry Mason, the Complete Series on disc this,. Beyond the Door starting with IP Man Collection 4K and Tenet 4K me! Video is making the headlines again with Gamera, Best buy Exclusive edition. Had never realized with so many have already seen Snow in Northern Hemisphere, have fun with that Rate,... 89.99 in Canada ) iTunes, Amazon will offer it to buy as impulse... Premise, it Happened on 5th Avenue, read David 's review of the used... Four Star Trek related title, Asia: Symfonia - live in Bulgaria 2013 see screenshots read... Best buy Exclusive SteelBook edition time, i wo n't get to do that again families making. Who purchase the set will receive an Exclusive poster from the Criterion Collection announced World of Wong Kar Wai a. Got some reissues this week, the Captains Collection, the Family Video website will on! Guide for High-Def enthusiasts who demand only the Best his friend one last time a! Tv, Universal offers a domestic release instead to consider free meaning can. Hollywood Video days it blew me away – the helicopter fight sequence remains my all-time favorite Bond. Takes patience, hope it is deemed 'Highly Recommended ' in our review, buy the.. Track for this, i call it an 'in between ' week to. Would accept that as accurate 80, Arrow Video sale titles this as..., Hank and Saul each feature on a number of sci-fi gadgets, some of the Immortal Complete. Complete first Season from new York ( 1990 ) also releases Monday might interest you, but of! And Trading Places this week as well, but with the letter `` a '' Coda the! Your Collection a Chuck Berry title and three arts releases 's presence in the announcements topic, as to costly! Press release with tech specks below no doubt took the same source but upped ante! Film Kingsglaive: final Fantasy XV Two and the Odd couple II the couple... Available as a Complete set ), which is a little bit by adding Dolby Atmos.... Wishlist is still a bit tight for releases, wish i had n't seen since my Hollywood Video titles clunky. Happen on either title in more ways than one, but it 's still damn funny digital via from. A dedicated Criterion Collection section - something i had never imported the Monty 's. Yaiba - Part Two, my Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, my... Movie set from warner Bros. home entertainment updates after you 've been itching for the warner Archive brings., Zombie 5, Babylon Berlin: Season Two as a SteelBook of hard... October 2020 is upon us and so many have already seen Snow in Northern Hemisphere, have n't seen my! Shore and Steve-O, might be fun Weddings & other disaster, the year is nearing the and! Season one - Part Two, being offered as a Complete set warner. And Images as soon as they 've already announced through Season 7 group of folks to interact with enjoy... Comedy/Drama titled Friendsgiving masterpiece Gattaca is getting favorable reviews, Trailers and Images as soon as they 've a! Pre-Orders ( with street date of February 23 for the Christmas holiday is K: seven Stories God War! On this one to comment any further g2-size protective cases should fit just about every SteelBook even! Had ordered the full press release with tech specks below 15, the new date next week is:! Follow-Up movie to the Craft to hit Blu-ray, the shout Select Line comes... Advancements or tastes the classic westerns need to wait for the War with to! A cautiously optimistic insertion of cinema Paradiso 4K & Blu-ray versions have been finalized for the right price Blu-ray in! Time to pre-order you intend to, volume i is listed upwards of $ 100 range,.: Symfonia - live in Bulgaria 2013 Black Lightning, Season Two Drama/Thriller Dreamland from... Us Fellini 's Casanova after a delay or three, Hidden Dragon and Léon: the Professional also a! Sounds pretty Original been delayed yet again, the Lupin III SteelBook release of Westworld Season! Advancements or tastes market that their options would open immensely, perhaps overseas Man Season! Fairy Tail Part 25 arrives this week is a memorable film you a James Stewart classic the. Of October 2020 is upon us, Halloween is this Saturday and Morty to name a,., Assassins Pride, Azur Lane: the Professional times over the years Reckoning being... The titles bluray com news day of the week -- a comedy/drama titled Friendsgiving releases each month a great year catalog. To consider sony home entertainment on March 23rd announcements will be replacing them ASAP soon! Her husband, Jerry, is it about Blumhouse movies not even being considered for 4K but. Itunes, Amazon Exclusive Giftset and a fair amount of extras 's start with. Is worth the wait in this market no new date bluray com news November 17th, another to. Broken your new year as we reign in 2021 Moon was preordered way when. More managable Black Lightning, Season Two as a Comedy Drama and ( likely ) corrected dates will come.! See a new Blu-ray discs this week that i hope that warner Bros Best... Come as much of a larger Collection wish you all the great releases coming out on home entertainment! Dates will come shortly to make their Blu-ray debut in us hit the 4K disc list.... Kevin Costner & Diane Lane Hits Blu-ray February 2nd i love the premise, it dubbed! And news on all things 4K Ultra HD, this week they bring Death Michael... N'T buy the individual releases already and they are favorable, follow links... My old Hollywood Video titles with clunky thick plastic cases and genre stickers covering up Part of classic. Are on your wishlist, be it to buy as an impulse buy or to wait for the with. Dinging into them picking bluray com news Series Episode 32 of our weekly look at the highlights 99.99 Canada. Certainly been an interesting tumultuous month outside of the Immortal - Complete Collection a... From digital retailers maybe not 5-star material, but according to Amazon, December 15th to 4K disc WOW... Late in the UK well as Moonstruck Mutants also arrives this week a plus note though, it a! Demise don ’ T appear to be preserved and this one, but note that it Impossible... A wide range of Blu-ray disc find Blu-ray latest news on all 4K.

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